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About Us

Pocketful Of Joy began in 2004 in the Kagera region of Tanzania.  Children and the elder was nurtured through various programs. Out of the first generation of children we helped came several young and well educated professionals that have begun projects that we are now supporting. We also are expanding our reach and bringing opportunities to the USA. 


Your generous donations to Pocketful of Joy’s over a ten-year period made all the following self-sustainability programs possible:     


Meal program-  Each child attending school received a cup of porridge. Hired cooks were Instituted a program where parents had to contribute on a yearly basis 5 kilos of corn.


Infrastructures: built three libraries, one with electricity; an electrical rod to prevent lightening from striking the classrooms; 3 teachers facilities; provided 123 carpentry tools; 3 toilet facilities; 3 water cisterns holding 48,000 liters.


  Gardens- Provided the structure for all students to participate in learning how to cultivate their land.  The proceeds were divided among students and the school. 

They planted 5,000 trees and 3,000 coffee trees.


Sewing program:  provided salaries to 9 sewing instructors with 14 machines for each school including materials for uniforms. This program was about teaching students how to make their own uniforms.  (several young women have started their own tailoring business).


 Work-Study Program- assisted students for secondary education by provided tuition fees as they helped an elder within their community. Created a tutoring program for students to pass exams.


  • We paid four administrators to oversee the programs


  • We created medical system for those students in need of eye care, dental care, and special treatments for ear infections and other maladies. We designed a malaria program and health care forum that attended to all the students twice yearly, and distributed bars of soap to each child to clean their uniforms. 

Carpentry Program – This program designed for girls as well as boys to learn carpentry.  


  • We gave assistance to those who wanted further education including five teachers, Momma Temu (who received her BA in Education), Juvenary James, an orphan, who received private schooling from 7th-11th, and is now becoming an engineer.  (He does continue to receive some funds from us when absolutely necessary.)


  • We sent a young man to medical school and he is now Dr. Mathias. With two of his fellow medical students, he opened a new medical school in Tanzania. They now have twenty-five students attending their institution.


  • Verdiana, has graduated medical school and is now doing her internship.


Our goal is to bring joy, abundance and empowered living situations to the disempowered.  

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